New Generator for Backup Power in Federal Way


How many times every winter do we hear about a massive power outage somewhere in the Puget Sound area? And smaller outages—maybe even at your home only can be annoying even if they are only for a few hours.

Allred prefers to work with Kohler, Rheem, and Generac generators and can install any of these three to keep your house warm, welcoming and working in case of a power outage.

There are Kohler home generators designed for homes large or small and whether you wantwhole house or partial backup power and Allred would love to discuss these with you.

No matter what commercial-grade Kohler generator you choose, they provide reliable, safe power and come with the Kohler warranty for life without interruption.

Added to Allred’s one year parts and labor guarantee, this will give you added peace of mind.

Generator Installation in Federal Way * Stay Protected in a Power Outage


Rheem standby generators, the Seregen line, use computer controlled technology.

The Load Control Center increases the effective kW rating of the generator by temporarily shedding non-essential loads to free up power for devices with high starting power requirements, such as air conditioning units.

As power becomes available after startup, non-essential circuits are automatically switched back on.

This is an excellent option if you do not wish to have a full generator. Let Allred walk you through the advantages of this type of system.

Generator Models and Sizes for Federal Way Residents


Generac has four types of generators, each covering a different set of needs.

Their Guardian series comes in different sizes and you will choose which one will meet the needs of your home and how much coverage you need in case of a blackout.

The Core Power series offers a complete automatic system at the same price as a portable generator, to protect your essential circuits.

Quiet Source runs at a lower rpm for a quieter performance, reduced fuel consumption and a longer engine life.

Take the worry of being powerless off the table—call Allred at 206-558-0024 or 425-366-7430 now! We never know when an emergency may strike.