Generator Repair and Maintenance for Federal Way Residents


Generators aren’t just for the freezing winter weather the Puget Sound area can have and Allred Heating can fulfill that and other reasons you may just want a back-up generator.

Every couple of years we seem to have a wind storm that packs a real wallop here in Western Washington.

When that happens trees come down, wires are snapped, and the power can go out to hundreds or thousands of homes. This can happen in the summer as well as the winter, knocking out your air conditioning or heat pump.

Generator Repair and Installation in Federal Way

generator-repair-federal-way-waRemember the last time it happened to you? The folks at Allred Heating would love to talk to you about your potential need for a back-up generator if you are in an area where power outages happen somewhat frequently.

Storms are the #1 cause for outages but there are other reasons why it might be wise for you to own one, and Allred can assist you in selecting the exact make and model for your home and family. Having a generator adds value to your home, too.


Generator Service for Backup Power


One name that Allred relies on is:

KOHLER Reliable Backup Power. Kohler home generators bring a sense of safety, security and convenience to a home. If you’ve ever lost your power in a storm you know how inconvenient that can be….. no light, no heat, no electricity takes its toll on a family. A home generator can bring light during a summer storm and heat if the power is lost during winter.

If power is lost in your community for an extended period of time, a home generator can save you the expense of having to relocate, allowing you to continue your day-to-day life in comfort.

Your Generator Will Be Ready When Needed With Allred Service

With both HVAC and Electrical training and experience, Allred is a natural to call to periodically check your generator. They can trouble shoot for future problems and tune it right up. They guarantee parts and service for a year, and you’ll love the prompt and value-packed service.

Call Allred at 206-558-0024 or 425-366-7430 for an analysis of what you may or may not need, and be sure to look at the website,, for testimonials.