Heat Pump Options Available in Federal Way, WA


Just a few decades ago heat pumps were not the norm but as we have learned they can add a lot of versatility to your heating and cooling systems, and more.

Allred Installs Heat Pumps!

There are over 30 brands of heat pumps and Allred Heating, Cooling and Electric can easily install them all. We cannot name them all here but will give you an idea of some features of various systems.

Lennox claims to have the highest ratings among heat pumps for quiet operation and efficient operation with several of their air conditioners and heat pumps.

Trane has not only heat pumps that pull warmth and cooling from the air, but also from underground.

Rheem has a number of optional extra features you may be interested in. Carrier touts fresher, healthier air. And so on! We feel that with all of the great companies building heat pumps today there is the perfect one for your home.

Heat Pump System for Reliable Heat and Air Conditioning in Federal Way


Choosing the right heat pump is a snap with Allred. There are many reasons to select one heat pump over another. Ask your friends at Allred to help we will discuss with you your home size, how many stories it has, your budget, which features may be important to you, and so on.

The climate surrounding your home…we know it can vary even within one region…is something to be considered, too.

Have you been happy with other units within your home HVAC system? If so, you may wish to start with that manufacturer’s product line. Check with your neighbors.

Look at the list of Energy Star qualified heat pumps for their efficiency and contribution to cleaner air. Check for government tax credits. And talk with Allred, because we can help you put these things together.

Why choose us for your heat pumps in Federal Way?


After Allred has helped you through the long list of heat pumps on the market, we can tell you also which heat pumps have been best for easy maintenance and help you put together a plan to keep the efficiency level as high as possible, saving you energy dollars.

Everything we sell we also service, and our “additional to the manufacturer’s warranty” guarantee of a year for parts and labor is included at no extra cost.

Give us a call at 206-558-0024 or 425-366-7430 for details; we’d love to be the HVAC experts in your life.