Gas Fireplace Options for Federal Way, WA


Gas fireplaces have replaced wood burning fireplaces in many local homes. Getting its service done timely keeps your fireplace clean and maintained. Having them checked periodically for repair work is critical for your safety, proper flow of heat and for the efficient use of fuel.

Allred Heating Installs Gas Fireplaces! The technicians at Allred Heating are trained in the proper installation, repair and services of gas furnaces, including Heat & Glo, Vermont Castings, and more. Some homes use gas fireplace as a heat source and others as a clean burning alternative to wood for a cozy effect in the living or family room or even a bedroom.

Whichever you choose, it is imperative that the installation or service be done by a professional who has experience and training in working with gas. Your friends at Allred have worked with HVAC for over a decade and you can be assured that they will handle your installation with precision and care.

Gas Fireplace Repair and Maintenance for Federal Way Residents


Just because gas fireplaces are not as complex as most heating and cooling systems doesn’t mean that maintenance isn’t important. If you purchased a home that already has a gas fireplace, call Allred Heating for a safety check before you use it for the first time. They can also check your ventilation system and do any cleaning that needs to be done.

Checking the (fake) logs should be done frequently and at the time of your first inspection with Allred they can show you how to do it as it should be done monthly if you use it frequently.

If you see any unusual behavior (Allred can discuss this with you) call immediately for one of the professionals at Allred to come check as malfunction at the least and injury at the worst can occur at this point.

You will want to clean your fireplace, logs, glass and interior, when it needs it but it is critical that you select the right cleaners. Allred will be glad to recommend the correct brands to keep the fireplace in tip-top shape. And do schedule an annual check-up.

Gas Fireplace Service and New Installations in Federal Way


Allred Heating is a family company who would like to be part of their family, too. Their service is fast and friendly and they will even come on weekends for emergencies. Check for feedback then call 206-558-0024 or 425-366-7430 for an appointment.